Census 2016 - Irish Language in Decline , Polish top language

Census 2016 - Irish Language in Decline , Polish top language
The First Census in Ireland was carried out in 1926 , and since 1951 it has been held every 5 years

The 2016 census was held on 24th April 2016 and asked people a range of questions such as nationality , religion , gender , living arrangements , occupation etc etc .  

The Preliminary results were just published and cover a 5 year period between April 2011 and April 2016 ......


The total population of Ireland now stands at 4.76 million people , an increase of 174,000 (3.8%) over the past 5 years . (a yearly growth of 0.8%) . 

There are More women than men in the Country , there are 53,009 more females than males resulting in an overall ratio of 97.8 males for every 100 females. 

Due to higher male birth rates more males than females can be found in the younger age groups.In the age group 0-19 there was an average of 104.6 males for every 100 females . 

Because women live longer than men , there are more women in the 65+ age group , and this becomes more pronounced with increasing age. There were just under 52 males for every 100 females in the 85+ age group. 



The number of People born outside of Ireland now stands at 810,406 or 17.3 per cent of the population, up from 17 per cent in 2011. an increase of 43,636 people or 0.3% .

Polish people make up the largest group of Foreign Nationals (122,515) .

Romanian nationals showed the largest absolute increase rising by 11,882 to 29,186.

Spanish nationals had the largest  precentage increase of 78.3 per cent , large increases  were also seen in Brazilian and Italian nationals . 

The number of persons who said they were both irish and another nationality (dual nationality) almost doubled on the 2011 figure increasing from 55,905 to 104,784 in April 2016 (up by 48,879 since April 2011)

Irish-Americans were the largest dual-Irish group accounting for 17,552 persons , followed by Irish-UK (15,428) , Irish-Polish (9,273) and Irish-Nigerian (6,995)

612,018 people said they spoke a foreign language at home (up 19 per cent from 514,068 in 2011).

Polish was by far the most common language, followed by French, Romanian and Lithuanian . 

No English or Poor English
People from Poland had the highest absolute number of persons not able to speak English ‘well’ or "at all" (21,316 or 18.8%)  while those from Afghanistan had the highest percentage (466 or 44.4%), followed by persons from China (2,234 or 28.5%)

Irish Language

1.76 million people said they could speak Irish, a decrease of 0.7 per cent on the 2011 figure of 1,774,437

73,803 said they speak it daily outside the education system, a fall of 3,382 on the 2011 figure 

27.9% or 20,586 of these live in Gaeltacht areas . 

The number of daily irish speakers in the Gaeltacht has fallen by 11.2% or 2,589, in 2011 there were 23,175 speakers compared to just 20,586 in 2016 .   

The total Number of Catholics has fallen by 6% from 84.2% in 2011 to 78.3% in 2016.

The number of muslims has increased by 30% from 48,000 to 62,000.

The russian and greek orthodox religion has risen by 40% from 44,000 to 61,000 

Church of Ireland has decreased slightly by 2000 from 124,000 to 122,000  .

The number of people with no religion has increased by 200,000 (74%) over the past 5 years from 270,000 to 470,000 .     


An average of 260 ,000 people moved home every year and 1.25 million in total over the past 5 years .

There were 1,697,665 housing units occupied at the time of the census . Detached houses made up the largest of this bulk , accounting for 42.1% (715,133 houses) followed by semi detached houses which account for 471,948 houses.

The largest increase in housing types over the past 5 years were flats and apartments rising from 149,921 in 2011 to 172,096 in 2016 . 
For the first time ever , the average household size has increased in size from 2.73 persons to 2.75 persons representing a reversal of the long term decline in average household size in Ireland . 


The Numbers of Couples without any children rose by 9,800 from 313,300 in 2011 to 323,100 in 2016 . The total number of single parent households with children increased slightly from 198,000 in 2011 to 198,500 in 2016.

22,323 more people were renting a home in 2016 than in 2011 , a total of 497,111 households were renting , compared to 474,788 in 2011. The biggest increases in the number of renters were in Cavan (up 12.8%) and Kilkenny (up 11.2%). 

The number of households with Broadband increased from63.8 per cent in 2011 to 70.7 per cent in 2016. 148,125 more households now have a broadband internet connection and 1,297 homes have a faster connection than in 2011.

A greater proportion of ruralhouseholds had no internet connection when comparedwith urban households . Overall, 76.2 per cent of the State’s urban households had broadband compared with 61.1 per cent of households in rural areas

DúnLaoghaire in Dublin had the highest percentage of households with broadband (86%) while Leitrim had the lowest in the Country (58%) . 18% of homes had no internet connection at all . 
37.6 % of the population are married , a further 83,547 people were married over the five year period since 2011 
The number of divorced people rose by 18% and now stands at 103,900 , up 16,100 on five years ago while the number of seperated people rose by 2,000 , from 116,200 to 118,200 . 


This concludes our brief introduction to the census 2016 results , there was so much information collected in the Census that it is not possible to cover everything in a single article , if you feel you need to digest more , you can do so on the official census website here - CENSUS 2016   .

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12 areas where irish people are less than 50% of population

1% of people didn't fill out the form , thats another 47,000 unaccounted for , 12 of them are being prosecuted for not doing so
very disappointed to see the irish language in decline , especially in the gaeltacht areas
very informative ,

furthermore ,

On 1 Nov 1993 , the treaty on european union (maastricht) came into force and ireland joined what we know as the european union .

the population back then was just 3.7 million .

then the floodgates opened due to free movement of people as established in the treaty and now today we have gained + 1 million people !!! crazy