Facts are Facts , Migration and Asylum in Ireland

Facts are Facts , Migration and Asylum in Ireland

This article was originally posted back in 2016 , but its very relevant to whats happening in towns and villages around Ireland today so we are reposting it . 

I remember a while back listening to Leo Varadkar on the Radio , he was talking about motor tax and he made a remark - "My dad drives a very nice BMW" in the course of the discussion .

And I think this is where we are in Irish Politics. Statistics from EU referendums show wealthy constituencies have an 80% yes vote in EU referendums . 

Yet , In terms of Migration , these people wont be impacted by their vote . For example , there will be no asylum seekers relocated to their area , they wont be competing with migrants for school places , their children will continue to go to schools where  95% of the other children are also Irish , they wont be competing with migrants for jobs as most migrants and asylum seekers are low skilled workers  , they wont have to compete with migrants for Health Care or Hospital beds as they have private health insurance .  

On the plus side , they will benefit from cheap labour in terms of increased profit margins for their business, maybe a cheap nanny to mind their children , everything is a plus from their perspective . 

However , if you vote for something , is it fair that you should only live with the things that benefit you and not the other things involved ? confused 

I want to tell a quick story of my own area and the impact of forced migration .
In the year 2006 , Clondalkin in Dublin Mid West was a vibrant place , a thriving irish community , the schools were bustling with Irish kids , culture and laughter , it had a real irish spirit about the place . 

The government of the time was Fianna Fail and the PDs under Bertie . (the 26th government)

In October of 2006 , They decided that Clondalkin would be chosen as home of Dublin's biggest Asylum Hostel .

A local hotel , called the Jensen hotel , would be contracted by the government to house Asylum Seekers.

The Name of the hotel was changed to the Towers Asylum Hostel .

Opened in October 2006 , it is Dublins largest asylum hostel and Ireland's 6th largest overall accomodating 225 people

1) Mosney, Co. Meath (capacity 600) 
2) Athlone, Co Westmeath (300) 
3) Kinsale Road, Co. Cork (275) 
4) The Old Convent, Ballyhaunis, Co. Mayo (267) 
5) Knockalisheen, Meelick, Co. Clare (250) 
6) the towers clondalkin (225) 

The owners of the Hotel Sean Lyons snr and his son Sean Lyons jnr (Fazyard Ltd)   were then contracted by the government to provide Direct Provision accomodation for asylum seekers .

From their Luxury homes in Shankill in South Dublin and Ashford, Co Wicklow , Sean Lyons snr & jnr have received  19,962,600  from the state between 2006 and 2014 alone , an average of 2.5 million a year making them one of the biggest earners of the asylum industry in Ireland.

The reception and integration agency (RIA) is the state agency thats responsible for signing contracts and overseeing the operation of the centre .

In its 2015 annual report it gives a detailed breakdown of the nationality of all residents in the Towers hostel .

The top 5 nationalities in the towers hostel are :
1) Nigeria
2) zimbabwe
3) congo
4) south africa
5) Albania

Before we examine each of these countries in turn , the first thing to note is that in order to reach Ireland from any of these places , you would need to travel accross 10 to 20 safe countries , why not claim asylum in any of those countries ? .   

Statistics from the Office of the Refugee Applications Commissioner (now called the International Protection Office) show that 95% of all asylum applications in 2015 were deemed not genuine following face to face interviews with the applicants , while the figure was 80% in 2016 . In 2017 , the state decided they would no longer publish statistics relating to approval/rejection rates . 
If we take Nigeria , the UK lists Nigeria as 'a safe country of origin' which means they see Nigeria as a safe country where there is no immediate threat to peoples lives and accordingly does not entertain asylum seekers from that Country . 

In Feb 2016 , the Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari gave an exclusive interview to the daily telegraph newspaper in which he says Nigerians should stay at home and help rebuild the country .

Some Nigerians claim is that life is too difficult back home, but then again some Nigerians have also made it difficult for Europeans and Americans to accept them because of the number of Nigerians in different prisons all over the world accused of drug trafficking or human trafficking.

I don't think Nigerians have anybody to blame.

They can remain at home. Their services are required to rebuild the country. If their countrymen misbehaved, the best thing for them is to stay at home and encourage the credibility of the nation

   - Muhammadu Buhari , Nigerian President

South Africa is also listed by both Ireland and the UK as a 'safe country of origin' . There are no wars in Albania either and the UK lists Albania as a 'safe country of origin'  . 

Despite the Fact that the majority of Asylum Seekers entering Ireland are not genuine , they are seldom deported . Only one third of all deportation orders signed in 2016 were actually acted upon . The total number of people with deportation orders (e.g carried forward from previous years) is witheld from the public , its expected to be well into the thousands .   
The reason they are never deported is  : 
1) Political Correctness

2) EU funded migrant lobby groups such as the Immigrant Council of Ireland and in my own area the Clondalkin Local Area Partnership which is involved in organising asylum seekers and training them what to say to the media , public and politicians in order to get maximum sympathy . ( I know this because I attended one of their meetings) . They are so oppressed by the system that getting 5 meals a day is now a problem for them , its true , this was on their list of grievances , because seemingly its too inconvenient to have to turn up on time . 
Its totally unfair that we should be expected to take all these people , the local TDs have let us down ,  John Curran , Gino Kenny , Francis Fitzgerald and Eoin O Broin , they only care about being politically correct and ignoring the fact that most of these people are not refugees , they dont care about local people or local needs , they dont care that locals cant get housing , hospital beds or decent paying jobs , its all a big laugh to them but they are destroying the fabric of society . 

Below : Funding for The Towers  Clondalkin
Below : The Towers Hostel Clondalkin , Largest in Dublin

Links to Research Data   

RIA Contract Values 2016 
RIA Annual Report 2015 
Interview with Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari , Telegraph , Feb 2016     


Angry Scenes at Wicklow Meeting to Discuss Plans to turn Grand Hotel into Accommodation for Asylum Seekers 

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Civil Liberties Ireland: Duplicity OR Double Standards?

Civil Liberties In Ireland: Duplicity OR Double Standards? Literally only a day or so, after the eight demands of any future government in Ireland,
our government has put out a 65 million tender for Direct Provision centres in Kildare, Wicklow, Meath and Louth , meanwhile our homeless figures are at an all time high . #shameful .
varadkar's own area of Castleknock gets a beautiful new post office while the rest of us get direct provision centres and endless numbers of asylum seekers , we get closed post offices , closed bank branches ,more charity shops and betting offices , fast food takeaways while the Rich get richer and richer . its so unfair whats happening in Ireland .
I think its time Castleknock got a direct provision centre , varadkar's voters deserve one , in fact all wealthy areas should be complimented with a direct provision centre . your right . thats what they vote for and thats the least they should expect .
albania and georgia were the top countries of origin for asylum seekers entering ireland last year . come on like what wars is there in any of those countries . They know ireland is a soft touch and are taking advantage of our good nature . people need to stand up to this
Between Direct provision and the Irish refugee protection programme we are spending 100 million a year while at the same time homeless people freeze to death on our streets

there is only one aim and one outcome to all this .. its expected we will be a minority in our own country by 2050 much to the delight I'm sure of the EU commission
the figure is 1 billion from 2001 to 2018 . 40 centres now in 20 counties and expanding rapidly. carrick on shannon is the latest .top nationality living in Direct Provision is Nigeria . No wars in that country , makes no sense , something very sinister going on
if people are not genuine , they're not genuine , they should be deported , we have enough problems of our own ,

we have a huge homeless crisis , our schools and hospitals are overcrowded , huge waiting lists for people with medical cards to get any kind of medical treatment in our hospitals

i cant understand how people are still voting for FG , FF , SF etc , these people are the cause of all our problems , not the solution

people need to start taking a hard look in the mirror and recheck their voting patters or this country is finished
wow , its expected we'll be a minority in our own country by 2050 ,

Back in 2005 , Former DCU president Professor Ferdinand von Prondzynski quoted UK based research which indicated that by 2050 we'll be a minority in our country

yep , doesn't feel like ireland anymore

Prior to 1993 (Treaty on European Union) only 50 people a year applied for asylum in Ireland . then in 1993 , we ratified the Treaty on European Union (Maastricht Treaty) which allowed for Asylum Seekers to move accross Europe into Ireland . In 2002 when our economy was at its peak we were attracting over 1000 asylum seekers per month .

ORAC stats 2015 showed that "95%" of all asylum seekers arriving here were not considered genuine refugees , but they never get deported
Direct Provision needs to end, its not fair that one or two communites are taking all the migrants .

I think the UNHCR in ballsbridge Dublin4 should open its doors to these people . They talk the talk , but will they walk the walk ????

there is at least 20 safe countries between nigeria and ireland , if they feel that their lives are in danger in Nigeria , which has no basis in fact , why come all the way to Ireland ? in the process bypassing lots of other countries.
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