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The GorseFires Collectif - spreading Fear and Conspiracies of Russian Invasion of Ireland

The GorseFires Collectif - spreading Fear and Conspiracies of Russian Invasion of Ireland
  Are foreign groups within Ireland spreading Propaganda & fear?

There are certain groups within Ireland who’s primary objective is to spread fear among the people. Their goals are varied, but what they all have in common is to achieve said goals, regardless of the cost to Ireland or her people.

One such group calls itself the GorseFires Collectif (GFC) and from research I have done, their objective is to spread propaganda and fear, in the hope of persuading Ireland to become a member of NATO!  And thus take a position against Russia. 
Further searching in to the GFC, leads me to Ukraine during the Euromaidan uprising 2014.  In fact the then Gorsefires described themselves as a group who bring to light the injustice of the then Ukrainian President Yanukovych, who later fled the country.   Some time later GFC described themselves as putting down the pen (so to speak),  while holding on dearly to the name, just in case the need arises in the future.
Jump forward six years to 2020 Ireland and it appears the GorseFires Collectif have been reactivated,  at least within the Twitter sphere. One might be tempted to say, or take the position that they are only on Twitter, so what?, after all everybody has a position on something or other, on Twitter nowadays.
Indeed as a true believer in Free Speech,  I would also argue for their entitlement to have their say,  regardless of their opinion.  However,  I do strongly object to having my nation used in such a manner,  I do object to the spreading of falsehood and fear to obtain a goal that does not serve the people of Ireland.
I first came across the name GorseFires Collective (GFC) while reading a Russophobic scare piece / story, suggesting a Russian plot to invade Ireland. You might also remember the article done in the Sunday Times whichsuggested that Russian frogmen were checking out internet / communication cables,  JUST off the coast of Ireland.
RT America  Wrote the following about the GFC:  A mysterious “pro-NATO” Twitter account calling itself GorseFires Collectif has been “warning since 2014 about Russian General Staff planning efforts & GRU interest regarding strategic assets in Ireland,”  it reminded its followers after the story was published, dredging up several years’ worth of tweets that all predicted a Russian invasion was just around the corner and warning Irish authorities that a “Ukraine in 2014” situation could arise at any moment. (Source:
Now, I have NO DOUBT that such comments will be answered with claims of RT being a Russian state news channel and of me being nothing more than a voice box of the Kremlin.   Nevertheless,  the fact is that a group within Ireland is spreading fear and propaganda to serve only their own narrow interests, along with a desire to see Ireland less neutral and more pro-NATO.
The Hoax: The Russian invasion of Ireland
If you are anything like me, right now you are either suffering greatly from neck ache, from casting your eyes towards the heavens OR are currently receiving first aid for friction burns, received from rolling about laughing, on your living room carpet.However, meanwhile certain groups such as the GFC are more than happy to spread such fear mongering as much as possible across Twitter, example below:
So where the Hell did this all come from?, the following statement begins to make things somewhat clearer. Ireland’s status as “a vital telecommunications and logistics hub linking North America andEurope” has made it an irresistible prize to “the Putin regime,”according to a bizarre paper published by the Center for Security Policy in Washington DC.The unhinged plot apparently derives from a story published in the Irish Times, which warned – citing the usual anonymous sources in the Gardaand the military – that Russian spies were observed last year mapping out the precise location of the transatlantic ocean-bed cables that form the backbone of global communications in preparation for “futuretapping or even damage.” US states:   While that gripping saga could be deflated with a quick look at one of Ireland’s own government websites,  which posts the exact latitude and longitude of those cables for all to see,  it clearly lita fire under the senescent Cold War hawks at the CSP. Not content to let the Irish lie awake in their beds with visions of Russian divers – or better yet weaponized beluga whales - dancing in their heads, this Strangelovian bunch let their imaginations run wild.“The neutral republic of Ireland has no military allies, so a Russian attack would not invoke NATO’s Article 5 provision on collective defense,” writer J Michael Waller salivated, as if Ireland’s neighbours – or theUS, for that matter – would sit by and twiddle their thumbs if the country was invaded by Russia, or anyone else, for want of treaty obligations!

Russia would meet little resistance were it to take over Irish deep-water ports, occupy the vital Shannon airport, and physically control orcut trans-Atlantic undersea cable network that keeps the world economy running." (article by Helen Buyniski for
J Michael Waller, the author of the Center for Security Policy document mentioned above,  quotes a certain Mark Galeotti who one might remember from his own piece of work,  the ‘Gerasimov doctrine’,  a true flight of fancy,  brought to the attention of fellow Russophobes,  who simply couldn’t resist the temptation & warned about the fate facing Ireland should it not… hire a private security company to guard all the tech firms who’ve set up shop here!.
Needless to say there were also Strong recommendations from Galeotti and co,about the extent of such measures that should be taken by Ireland,  in an effort to foil the commies and protect her people,  such as (Drum Roll Please) yes you guessed it!,  NATO membership.

Finally on March 5thof 2018, Mark Galeotti admitted in the article  Sorry for creating the Gerasimov Doctrine with the heading: “I am Sorry for creating the “Gerasimov Doctrine”, and the sub heading of:  “I was the first to write about Russia’s infamous high-tech military strategy.  One small problem:  it doesn't exist”

The whole “Gerasimov doctrine” was nothing more than a Hoax!.  Still never mind, after all this does not mean that millions have not swallowed this egotistical rant!, or for that matter gone on to create even more hoaxes upon the shoulders of a manufactured rant.

This being at least in part the background for the Sunday Times “unnamed Sources article,  has in no way harmed anybody and Galeotti eventually owned up to the hoax,  so no harm no foul!,  Right?

Wrong! Because some like our friends the GorseFires Collectif are still active in spreading such nonsense about the possibility of a Russian invasion of Ireland.

Asseen below:

OK, so the GFC are running a scenario of what could happen if Russia were to invade Ireland,  even going as far as to predict that Irish forces would be unable to fend off such an invasion. 

Thus leading me tobelieve that those within the collective know little about Irish history or for that matter the Modus Operandi of her people,  when it comes to invaders.

But then I find further evidence that the GFC are functioning within the state,  or at the very least have knowledge of modern day Irishpolitics, as their comments on Sinn Féin below clearly show:


Note the date is 5thof February,  just three days prior to the general election inIreland.   The above Twitter rant goes on further,  mainly scolding Sinn Féin for it’s policy on putting Ireland first and guaranteeing that the Irish Army would not be part of PESCO or NATO. While I do not often agree with Sinn Féin policy in general,  I am however in total agreement with their policy of avoiding at ALL COSTS membership of Both, an EU army and ofmembership of NATO,  indeed if this is still their policy.

Further searching of the GFC Twitter account also points out their alliances,  along with the usualOrange man BAD & Trump = Hitler type comments, examples below:

Must NOT forget about the 2020 US Presidential election, and how President Putin is doing his very best to get President Trump elected again!.


Now, I know many would rightly argue that the re-election of POTUS Trump, is a matter for the American people & has little bearing on Ireland.  I agree, and have only included the tweets above, to paint a picture of the kind of political bias the collective spreads.

In conclusion,  We the Irish people need to be fully aware of what is happening,  being said and presented under the guise of concern for Ireland and her people. 

We now have little choice but to defend our culture, our history and YES our people from Propagandists, likely working within these Isles.   We must highlight such articles, highlight wrong doings and factually incorrect fantasy driven pieces which are,  it appears driven by both those willing to do harm to Ireland and those egotists wishing celebrity and notoriety. 

I assure all, I am neither a fan nor a detractor of President Putin,  my interest in this group is only in the fact that like many others, they are happy to spread lies, propaganda and fantasy regardless of the cost,  to those they claim to have concern for!. My biggest concern is how little we know of a this Ukrainian group now in Ireland,  and worse how much harm their propaganda might have already done in the minds and fears of my people, the Irish people.

Most who know me would say that such a statement is very much unlike the thinking of the person they know, and indeed they would be correct!. For the record, I am not in any way against immigration,  nor am I against any person, of any creed or colour who decides to live in Ireland & abide by her laws. I am however, against illegal entry in all it’s forms,  I am against an influx of the undeserving to satisfy quotas handed down by our masters in the EU and gratefully received by our own leaders. Most of all,  I am against those of ANY nation, who desire to change the values of the people of my country,  or who wilfully take advantage of the systems set up within the Irish constitution!.

But most of all,  I am against any person or body of people,  who use Ireland as nothing more than a pawn, in their own crusade against something or someone!.   As is clearly the case in the Russophobic propaganda being vomited out over Twitter by the GorseFires Collectif.


It was reported last week that two Russian Tupolev TU-95 Bear bombers entered irish airspace off the west coast of Ireland . According to some unnamed former American general , the russians are doing reconnaissance for a rainy day and suggests we need to join NATO ... of course he doesn't say Why russia would want to invade Ireland , I mean they already have a 17.1 million km2 country which they are struggling to manage , But if they did , you can bet the only thing Irish people would be worried about is how Cheap the Booze would be , could they get cheap vodka . Employers would be only worried about how many cheap workers can they import , NGOS would only be worried about how much money they can get and how many asylum seekers they can bring in . lets be clear Neither Russia bombers or American bombers or the RAF or any other bombers should be flying into Irish Airspace . We are already being invaded by the EU Commission and Euro Loyalists , a silent invasion and nobody gives a damn , they are destroying our culture , identity and heritage , could the russians be any meaner . i doubt it
Vinny TJ,

The Russians have about as much interest in Ireland as I do, in becoming an SJW!

But our Friends in MSM and those quoted as UNNAMED sources have a vested interest in seeing Ireland and thus, her Army become members of NATO, just as French King Macron has an interest in encouraging the men and women of the Irish Army to become part of a European Army.

That said, NATO membership is less about the numbers that the Irish Army could or would provide, and more about destroying Ireland's neutrality!

King Macron, is not interested in protecting Europe, but instead he is interested in sending forces from around Europe to assist in his looting in Mali and I am sure future (so called) hot spots.

As for your description of Irish society, SADLY Vinny, you hit the nail on the head there! even as Europe is under attack from Covid-19, there are those in Irish society complaining about the EU decision to close borders. Ironically, a decision that took 3 weeks, many deaths and even more contamination among the people of Europe to come to.

Like you Vinny, I do not want anybody entering Irish airspace without prior governmental approval!. That said, there have been VERY many such scare stories about Russian planes invading British airspace or buzzing (believe it or not) Royal Navy ships, Russian trained Dolphins sent in to UK waters to spy and so on!, Only later to be proved untrue.

As a boy my Mother told me never take sweets from a stranger!, when I asked why? she simply said: because strangers don't have your best interests in mind.

Respectfully, I say the same in this situation!
its time to bring back the big guns and recommission the SIAI Marchetti

and the Bren with bipod :o)
or deploy the Fouga CM 170 , would have no problems with our airspace then . would scare the crap out of them

Strategically,IRELAND-Western Europe was used by the Brits,in the 
COLD WAR,and RUSSIA in the 60/70s requested SELF CONTROLLED
Ireland...We declined.Stuck between a Colonialist Empire and America
THE BRITISH,wouldn't you agree that we are,were,A JEWEL IN THE
Thank You Ivaus, for your kind comment and reply,

You are also absolutely correct!. Sadly, as you point out Ireland has been the whipping boy of one nation or another, through out her short history as an independent state. Also as you correctly mention, Ireland has always in the past had leadership who ensured her independence as a neutral entity. No matter the conflict, or who the parties to said conflict were. We may have had government after government in this country, who would struggle to manage a sweetie Shop, never mind a nations economy, ( No disrespect meant to shop owners), But at least we managed to keep our neutrality!, at least thus far anyway!.
sadly some people will believe them . lets not forget that Viktor Yanukovych was "elected" Ukranian president in an election that was deemed fair by all international agencies observing the election . He was then ousted by pro EU militants for refusing to accept EU Rule over his country . This begs the question , Who is the real enemy ? the EU and NATO or Russia ?
NEVER WALK ALONE.You stood up JUSTME AND I STAND WITH YOU.Yes humor and banter is needed in these times,I understand and it
Is essential. All the points you've made I've stressed in many posts and
The example of Coastwatch or Volenteers is to involve the individual,let
them feel useful and part of the picture without totally depending on
THE ESTABLISHMENT. Keep friends close..and ENEMY WITHIN closer.
This unelected dail is using COVID 19,with the backing of eu,un,
ngo's,communism,far left,bankers and elite neoliberal globalist cabal
When they utilize the army against the civilian population UNDER THIS
TIMES " THEY ARE A CHANGING " and will continue to do so. With
respect to Justme,Dublin Lad,Vinny TJ,Paddy Cavan and others, above
all Ireland's Only Priority should be TO REMAIN NEUTRAL,A GLOBAL
PEACE FORCE with higher emphases and priority in PROTECTING
OUR OWN BORDERS AND PEOPLE. Coastal Communities around
Ireland should be employed as COAST WATCH..trained,equipped and
PROTECT OR DEFEND " OUR NATION ". In Global Stratigic Terms we
are and will remain a KEY FOCUS. An Island in North Western Europe,
WORLD SUPREPOWER,we are still there.Unfortunately,WE'VE BEEN
USED N ABUSED in our past history but THEY ALL NEED US AS SURE
AS WE NEED THEM...LETS PLAY SMARTLY. We're already under
MIST,PAST AND PRESENT.If we want respect,then it is up to us,only us
Hi Ivaus, thanks again for your reply.

The comments between myself, Vinny TJ, Dublin lad, and Paddy was nothing more than a little tongue in cheek fun, as can be seen when one checks out the technology suggested, such as the Bren Gun for example.

I absolutely agree with 90% of your comment above, as is indeed usual. The only exception I could see was your suggestion that; "Coastal Communities around
Ireland should be employed as COAST WATCH..trained,equipped and

Apart from, it appears several successful propaganda campaigns such as I mentioned in the article, there is no reason for such action/s whatsoever.

In fact I suggest, as you yourself and indeed others here on the have suggested, that the single biggest issue / worry for Irish Patriots is not an assault /attack from outside our borders, but sadly one from within. Believe me when I say, IT literally breaks my heart to say such a thing, but alas that is the situation we find ourselves living with.

If any thing or anybody needs close observation, then I suggest that our politicians should be first on the list. Collectively, individually and within their parties, many have already signaled to the Irish people that they are happy with selling off our identity, heritage, security and very nationality!.

Second, would be the very many, and ever growing number of (so called) NGOs, that it at least appears, have become our biggest import of recent years. Add to them the huge amount of money being filtered to them, from billionaires from outside of our country and thus the ever growing influence that such billionaires have managed to buy!. Here alone sits THE 2nd BIGGEST threat to Ireland and her people.

3rd, without doubt would have to be the direct threat that the EU has become to all independent nations. One only has to listen (even a little) to comments and statements made by Merkel and King Macron, to discover that their leadership / influence over the EU, is nothing less than being absolutely self serving!. I say self serving because, I believe that they do not even have the best interests of their own German & French peoples as their top priority. France in particular has been almost completely destroyed by their leader, despite an approval rating for Macron, that would make Genghis Khan look more popular with the French population, Macron's ego will not relent.

Even just the 3 mentioned above, are a far greater threat to Irish neutrality than is Russia, the USA, The UK, Iran or North Korea and China,even all added together, NO DOUBT!. As indeed, you yourself, have mentioned here on the several times.

I have purposely not even mentioned our fellow Irish folk, some of whom, would sell their Mothers, to see Ireland become the new Communist nation of Europe. Who would see our future generations murdered in the name of Pro Choice, though very little choice pro or otherwise, is afforded to the VICTIMS of PRO CHOICE decision and legislation.

NO DOUBT, I will be slated for my comments above, in fact I can already hear the cries of bigot, Trans hater, Gay hater, Nazi and so on. WHY?, Because we allowed such conditions to be created, fertilized and spread!, because to speak out is to stick ones head above the water line!.

Hi Dublin lad, and thank you for your reply.

You are absolutely correct!, Yanukovych was indeed elected President of Ukraine in a fair & Free election, no doubt!. Also it was the forcing of the EU upon Ukraine, by mainly the Democratic party Hawks of the Obama administration along side Senator McCain (now deceased), the EU and senior politicians from Poland & Germany, that brought about what we know today as the Euromaidan of 2014.
I would also question who the real enemy is, for the same reasons you do!.

Let us NOT forget also, the barbaric Murders of Civilians, Football fans and those within the union leadership, who were beaten, shot at and Burned to death by Banderites & Neo Nazis in the union building of the city of Odessa!. Which happened on May 2nd of 2014, If my memory serves me. Despite the presence of Ukrainian Uniformed Police Officers, who chose to be mere bystanders!.
Your Comment


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Latest figures from the health protection surveillance centre show 25,163 confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Ireland with 1,670 deaths. Dublin has the most confirmed cases with 12,118 cases followed by Cork with 1,527 and Kildare 1,419 cases. 3,312 people have been hospitalised with 410 requiring intensive care .
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Coronavirus Ireland , 25,163 confirmed cases , 1,670 deaths

Coronavirus Ireland , 25,163 confirmed cases , 1,670 deaths

Latest figures from the health protection surveillance centre show 25,163 confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Ireland with 1,670 deaths. Dublin has the most confirmed cases with 12,118 cases followed by Cork with 1,527 and Kildare 1,419 cases. 3,312 people have been hospitalised with 410 requiring intensive care .
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