Griezmann and Mbappe reveal their World Cup memories and dreams

Griezmann and Mbappe reveal their World Cup memories and dreams

By Adrien Gingold with France

With two days to go before their first match against Australia, France have announced that they are ready and raring to go. Despite a seeming lack of experience, with only seven players in their squad having featured at a major international competition before, Les Bleus are generating more expectation and excitement than most sides at the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia.

Frances main attraction is their front line, of whom fireworks are expected. With the eyes of the world fixed firmly on them, star strikers Kylian Mbappe and Antoine Griezmann took time out to speak to FIFA.

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France 1998 was an obvious topic of conversation. Twenty years on from that momentous triumph, the two strikers explained just how big a role it played in them wanting to become footballers, even though, in his case, Mbappe was not even born when it happened. Thats true, but Ive still seen all their matches after the group phase on video, said the 19-year-old.

For Griezmann, the memories are clear. Aged seven at the time, the Macon-born forward can recall the celebrations: The two goals by Zizou Zinedine Zidane and people waving France flags in the streets. He is now hoping to feed on the recollections of another former player, who remembers that epic adventure as if it were yesterday his head coach Didier Deschamps: Hes won the World Cup, so he knows what it takes.

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Paul Pogbas name invariably comes up whenever the current Bleus side is the topic of conversation. Very much his own person, a spectacular player and a colourful presence on the pitch, the Manchester United man attracts some strong opinions, both positive and negative in nature. Were expecting big things from Paul all his touches of brilliance and his long-range goals, said the Atletico Madrid man. Were expecting him to get the crowd on their feet. There isnt a leader in the side, but when Paul talks, everyone listens.

Focusing on Pogbas charisma, the Paris Saint-Germain forward said: Paul is a creative player. He also makes his physical presence felt on the pitch and hes a quality passer of the ball as well. Hes important. Hes a great player, and great players are always leaders. Wherever we go, he leads everyone, and you feel like following him too.

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