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Count Richard Von Coudenhove Kalergi  Irish Youtuber discussing topical issues in Ireland
The Irish Megaphone alternative view on various issues. This will include events not only in Ireland - but also in Europe, the U.S.A and elsewhere. Issues to be looked at will include Immigration, Culture, Religion,
Anti Corruption Ireland New National Movement founded by Journalist Gemma O'Doherty with the purpose of ending corruption in all aspects of Irish Society . 
Gemma O'Doherty  Multi award-winning investigative journalist exposing corruption in Ireland
Identity Ireland  Political Party which stands up for the Irish Republic and the Irish citizen. Our aim is to regain full sovereignty for Ireland and to retake complete control of our country and our resources and to end civil war politics once and for all.
Conservative Comeback Ireland  Making a stand for Irish Freedom 
IRISH FREEDOM PARTY   Irish Freedom is a national movement of the Irish people and a political party with the primary objective of re-establishing the national independence and sovereignty of Ireland and restoring its national democracy by leaving the European Union
Culture for Coexistence  is a UK based not-for-profit organisation seeking to bridge divides and encourage coexistence between Israelis and Palestinians through a cultural platform. We believe that dialogue and interaction within the cultural and creative communities can promote greater understanding and mutual acceptance.
The National Platform  is an Organisation advocating for Irish Sovereignty and Independence founded by Prof Anthony Coughlan , the former head of Social Policy at Trinity College Dublin. Prof Coughlan was influential in the establishment the Northern Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s as secretary of the Dublin Wolfe Tone Society and was a participant in the early Northern civil rights marches. He is literary executor of the work of the late C. Desmond Greaves (1913-1988), biographer of James Connolly, Liam Mellows and Sean O'Casey.  Since 1961, he has also been a critic of EU integration and was involved in the Crotty, McKenna, Coughlan and Pringle Supreme Court legal actions on the EU and fair referendums.  He is an advocate of "Brexit" being accompanied by "Irexit", Ireland’s withdrawal from the EU.
Muintir na hEireann  . With the EU destabilising across the continent and the UK voting for Leave, now is the time to make the case for the Republic of Ireland to leave.  is an online newspaper in Ireland. - Our News, Your Views. Breaking News in Ireland and Irish Politics and International News   
The Burkean  is an online political and cultural magazine run by students from Trinity College Dublin
The National Party The National Party exists to articulate a vision, to communicate that vision to the Irish people and to seek a mandate from them. We are not a single issue party but will put forward a full range of social and economic policies.We contend that the interests of the Irish people take priority above the interests of internationalists, high-financiers and distant technocrats