On thetricolour.com we believe there are two sides to every argument . Our aim is as much as possible to look at the other side of the argument not presented in the mainstream press . We believe that for a healthy democracy to exist , there must be space for all opinions which is not the case in Ireland .

The site is not associated with any political party . 

The site was born out of a frustration with a one sided media which developed in Ireland 15 - 20 years ago. At that time , Ireland witnessed a new development in public discussion where you might have 5 voices in support of an issue with 1 against ,  the sole purpose of having the 1 against , to ridicule those views and make them look a minority viewpoint , this practice continues to this day ,  also the mainstream press began its crusade to filter out certain views on a range of issues most notably the European Union which continues to this day .

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