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Seattle: BLM Protest OR ANTIFA Attempted Coup ?

Seattle:  BLM Protest OR ANTIFA Attempted Coup ?
Seattle, Chaz (CHOP) Ironic photo of Border entry

         Seattle: BLM Protest OR ANTIFA Attempted Coup  

Having spent several weeks of illness, with constant back and forth to the hospital (God Bless & Protect ALL There) and many, many hours of being confined to either my bed or the couch.  I spent most, if not all of that time giving deep consideration to what was / is happening in the world today,  and more specifically in Ireland, the UK, Europe and the USA.

The big issue of today & for the past weeks is the Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests,  sparked by the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, at the hands of a Police Officer.

The almost immediate issue I observed, was how the initial BLM protests had within only days, been hijacked by Anarchists and supporters / members of ANTIFA.

While I have no doubt that the initial BLM protest was brought about with the absolute intention of highlighting both the value of Black people in the US, and no doubt in anger, at seeing yet another Black man die at the hands of the Police, very quickly this man’s death was and continues, to be used and abused by others to drive their own narrow agendas.

I have seen many pictures and videos of ANTIFA members either damaging, breaking in to,  or spraying (defacing) shop fronts,  while being challenged by Black folk,  who do not want such behaviour and criminality in their name.
The justification given on each occasion was that they were destroying Black owned business and attacking multinational properties to get the MAN to listen! , REALLY?.

As for Seattle and the absurdly named Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ).  Well most right thinking folk, Black, White, Asian and Latino who are unfortunate enough to have lived in this area prior to the take over, are frankly fed up with the whole thing!.
Even the genuine residents are feeling almost imprisoned by these so called BLM occupiers. 
Sadly, this whole situation is being,  IF not in part driven by,  then certainly enabled by the Mayor of Seattle Jenny Durkan (D), who recently in a media statement professed to liking the atmosphere and love in mentality within the Autonomous zone.

Recently, the President of Seattle Police Officers Guild (SPOG), Mike Solan penned a letter to point out absolute concerns of both the Police and genuine residents,  regarding the ongoing and ever climbing spike of violence by certain criminal elements within CHAZ.

The president of the Seattle Police Officers Guild wrote the following in an open letter to Mayor Jenny Durkan (D).
(letter below from Komo News.  Open letter 

Open Letter to Mayor Durkan:

Mayor Durkan,

I’m writing this letter to inform you of the tenuous situation impacting SPOG members at the Seattle Police Department East Precinct.  As I author this letter,  several objects have been thrown at officers which have exploded.  Several SPOG members are injured.  As the situation on the ground devolves into more violence,  singularly perpetuated by a group of criminal agitators on the west side of the barricade on Pine Street and 11th Avenue,  I’m fearful that further exposure to SPOG members from these criminal violent acts will have drastic repercussions for public safety.  

I also want to convey that I recognize and I feel the deep resentment being expressed by members of our Seattle community toward law enforcement regarding the tragic death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.  SPOG shares their anger,  which we affirmed in our open letter to Seattle,  strongly condemning the involved officers’ actions. We also signed on to another open letter with a coalition of police unions across the nation who are equally outraged.  As peace officers,  we swear an oath of service.  That oath of service is noble and it bonds us with our community.

SPOG members take great pride in our bond and that bond is reflected by the professional service that we provide to our community on a daily basis.  We’ve participated in and have accepted reform.  We also understand that we must always strive to improve for the interests of the public,  whom we serve. We also take great pride in knowing that our membership is a wonderfully diverse group of human beings that reflect Seattle’s values.  We love our job and we love Seattle.  In our second open letter to our community,  we expressed our full support for peaceful protests.  But now I am appealing to you for help,  because I fear that our daily peaceful protests are unfortunately being stolen at night by a group of criminal agitators who continue to attempt to provoke police. 

This hostile,  violent group continues to throw projectiles and injure police officers.  Many SPOG members have sustained significant injuries including broken bones,  stitches,  bruises and one almost lost an eye.  This is unacceptable.  SPOG members follow orders from the department’s chain of command.  It is our understanding that we’ve been instructed to protect police facilities in our city so those facilities can be used to continue police services.  We have been following these orders for days now.  It is also my understanding that the use of an effective less-lethal chemical munition has been removed as a force option by elected city officials.  The removal of this tool is concerning because without this tool our ability to safely and effectively protect this police facility has been hindered. 

Our community must realize that the only other options available to help us solve this predicament are physical confrontations or for us to simply walk away if instructed to do so.  If we have to engage in physical confrontations,  more of our members and our community members will unfortunately get injured,  and no one wants that. If we are instructed to walk away,  then what will become of our city police facilities?  One can only imagine. We must develop a plan or this will continue without end. 

This situation is becoming more untenable by the day and I fear law and order and SPOG members’ safety are in peril. As president of SPOG, I have the responsibility to protect the working conditions of my members and it is also my sworn duty to protect the lives and property of our citizens.  You have the responsibility for the overall safety and well being of Seattle’s citizens as you are the executive officer.  It is our hope that we can begin to work as a team to solve this public safety crisis because at this point,  I’m extremely worried about the safety and morale of the SPOG membership and our community’s safety.

Respectfully, Officer Mike Solan, President, Seattle Police Officers Guild 

Guns handed out in CHAZ Seattle ( )

There was little or no reaction to the open letter from Officer Solan. Which is due mainly to the ongoing in-fighting within the Seattle council chambers,  as one after the other members appear to be clambering to be seen as more accepting of CHAZ and ever more eager to be viewed as the most WOKE.

NO Cops allowed      
Remember the NO BORDERS war cry from the left?

Seattle: CHAZ (CHOP) Imposes border controls & restrictions  
(Report by The Federalist )

It is ironic that the left is championing the “autonomous zone” when their decisions and behaviors are in direct contrast with many popular leftist policies.  CHAZ is protected by a strongly held barricade around its border.  Residents must show identification to prove they belong there, and the borders are protected by armed guards there to ensure that no one enters other than members of CHAZ or Seattle residents whose homes are within the six blocks.
Not only are there borders,  but the group and its leaders hold right to refuse prospective residents.
  Throughout the 2020 primary, however,  Democrat candidates pushed for lax immigration restrictions and increasing mobility across US. borders. Further, many media outlets have decried Trump’s proposed border wall as abhorrent and racist.
Strong borders and strict immigration are apparently alright for an insurgent autonomous zone, but not for the United States , The aforementioned walls are guarded by men with guns. Supporters of the zone have encouraged members to arm themselves, and there have even been reports of automatic weapons and machine guns in the area
" .  

Lawlessness is not the answer!

Despite the cry of De-fund the Police,  which is echoed almost every hour of every day throughout the USA,  lawlessness is NOT the answer!.

Most involved in the BLM protests are seeking the correction of what appears to be ingrained racism within certain members, of certain Police forces throughout the country.   They are genuinely NOT seeking to have every Police Officer horse whipped publicly just in case,  nor are they trying to get the Police in every state financially crippled in the hope of weeding out the bad from the good.

However, there are BAD ACTORS within almost every group within the country,  who are doing their level best to whip up more and more hatred & resentment against the Police and SADLY they are the stronger voices and opinions in some cases. Their goal is chaos, Absolute Chaos!

Their attendance has almost nothing to do with the alleged unlawful taking of the life of George Floyd,  and ALL to do with using the collective rage of Black folk,  to satisfy their own narrow and almost cold & uncaring lust for anarchy.

So who are these bad actors?, They are the same bad actors who prior to the killing of George Floyd,  would protest, attack and openly insult serving Police Officers publicly,  regardless of the Officers colour!,  who have spent most of their time since their formation as a group, openly antagonizing all who would dare to even contradict their narrow belief system,  & especially those in Law enforcement.  

I speak of ANTIFA, and ANTIFA assisted by an ever growing number of Anarchist groups.

While most BLM groups defined their desire to have Police de-funded, as meaning the restricting of certain finances, which they believe are being used to empower Officers, such as the Officer who allegedly killed George Floyd.

ANTIFA and some Anarchist groups were / are calling for the absolute abolishment of ALL Police forces in the country!, thus seeking out TOTAL ANARCHY!.

Meanwhile in Seattle, the leadership of CHAZ ( Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone ) began to realize the error in their choice of collective name.  One would assume,   fearing that the area would be barricaded off and it’s countrymen (occupants) restricted from travel outside their newly formed and independent state,  thus effectively denying residents of CHAZ the rights and benefits of American Citizenship.  The leadership (which as usual allegedly does not exist)  decided to change their name to Capitol Hill Occupied Protest (CHOP).  In doing so they effectively guaranteed keeping their US Citizenship and all the rights and entitlements afforded to citizens of the  US. !.

BLM Protests in Ireland      

BLM protests in Dublin, Ireland

In Ireland, UK & Europe there have been ongoing BLM protests despite the Covid-19 restrictions put in place to protect the most vulnerable in society,   most of which have gone by without incident,  of course there were some violent exceptions.

There were BLM protests outside the US Embassy and the Consul Offices in Dublin, The Irish Times estimated as having an attendance of 5,000 in Dublin.  The protest started at O’Connell Street, where the Times reports that the 2 meter (6.5 feet) gap between persons was being observed.  However, as the crowd swelled on the journey to, and outside of the US Embassy,  the restrictions were no longer being observed.  There were other, though smaller protests in County Galway, Waterford City, Limerick City and Belfast.

This blatant breaking of the restrictions brought some angry discussion to the Airwaves of radio stations across Ireland. Many angrily complained that this blatant disregard for the safety & well being of fellow Irish citizens, took place at a time when many in the country,  were restricted from attending the bed side of severely ill and currently dying Covid-19 patients. Many complained of not being allowed to see Parents, Siblings and Grandparents currently hospitalised.

The Irish Times  broke the news on Tuesday 10 th June that the organisers of the event were now under criminal investigation by the Garda and future BLM protests have been cancelled.

ICCL Support for Protests  

The Irish Council for Civil Liberties (ICCL) told The Irish Times it was surprised a Garda investigation was under way.
“Our view is that given that protest is such a fundamental right and one of the key ways of vocalising dissent, it could be considered a reasonable excuse,”  said Doireann Ansbro, who leads the council’s programme of protest rights.

Other Irish News

Cork Youth Stabbed and slashed in frenzied attack

A young man walking in the park with a small group of friends was initially approached by a group of men demanding money and (some report) his mobile phone.   When the youth from county Cork refused, he was set upon by the men who also filmed the attack.

NOTE:    It is of the utmost importance that The Gardai (Irish Police) have EVERY opportunity to see this attacker/s face the full force of Irish law.  Therefore, I ask of anyone who has the video of the attack, to PLEASE DO NOT put this video online, or send it to any of the many social media portals !.
Disseminating this video could risk failure of the prosecution of the assailant/s and further inhibit the ongoing Gardai investigation.

In a nutshell, the attack was callous and animalistic and the attacker went to the extent of actually lifting the shirt of the victim to (it appears) target the kidney and Lung areas.

I will go no further with the description of the attack, for fear of accidentally stating something I should not.  My final comment, is to COMMEND the Female friend (I assume) who intervened on the victims behalf and bravely placed her body on top of his, shielding him from further harm.

When eventually this case has gone to court and the Gardai have completed their investigation.  This Brave young Woman should & Must be recognised for her absolute bravery and courage!.

UK Police at BLM Protest London      

BLM protests in the UK  

Protesters fought running battles with rival activists and charged at riot cops as more than 100 were arrested in London. There were ugly scenes as groups of men tried to get to Black Lives Matter protesters throughout the day while police attempted to block them - before the two groups eventually clashed. (Reports the Irish Sun  )

BLM at the Brandenburg Gate     

BLM protests in Germany 

It’s reported that 20,000 turned out in Munich, along with 14,000 in Hamburg, 10,000 in Stuttgart, and large gatherings also took place in Düsseldorf, Freiburg, Cologne, Hanover, Frankfurt and several other cities. German Police reports that 93 people were arrested and 28 police officers were injured, three of whom required hospitalisation. In Hamburg, police used a water cannon against protesters who threw bottles and stones at officers.
( The  reported)

BLM Protest Sweden      

BLM protests in Sweden  

In total there were dozens arrested initially, for breaking the current Covid-19 restrictions in Sweden. However, p rotesters initially had a permit for the event in the central Sergels Torg square between 6-8pm, but the permit was withdrawn when attendee numbers quickly surpasses 50. Police had to use tear gas on the crowd at one point and further arrests were also made. ( The  )

Vienna Austria Peaceful BLM Protest      

BLM protests in Austria  

VIENNA: Thousands of people attended a Black Lives Matter demonstration in Vienna on Thursday (Jun 4), one of a wave of global anti-racism protests sparked by the death of African American George Floyd at the hands of a white police officer. The Vienna police department said the protest was well-attended, with at least 10,000 people present.
No arrests were made. 

Paris BLM Protest      

BLM protests in France  

Violence broke out between protestors and police as 20,000 people attended a Black Lives Matter protest in Paris on Wednesday. Protestors vented their fury at events in America, where black African American, George Floyd, died of asphyxiation in Minneapolis last week after a white police officer knelt on his neck for nearly nine minutes. Police used tear gas to control crowds as violence ensued during the second consecutive day of demonstrations in the French capital following an earlier peaceful march.  Protesters in Paris are not just fighting for justice for Floyd; they are also angered by the death of another black man in France four years ago.  Adama Traore, 24, also died of asphyxiation while in police custody in 2016 and his family has led a campaign calling for justice for him.  His sister, Assa, climbed on top of a bus stop to speak to the crowds gathered on streets around the city's investigative court. "Last week we saw the death of George Floyd, this black man, our brother, who died in horrible scenes, scenes that will freeze our blood, and scenes that follow the death of my little brother, Adama,They were put in choke holds. Adama took the weight of three policemen on him; George Floyd took the weight of three policemen on him. They had the same words: I can't breathe. I can't breathe." (Report by CGTN )

Taking the knee in Spain      

BLM protests in Spain

In Spain, hundreds gathered outside the US embassy in Madrid on Sunday calling for justice,  some of them waving placards against US President Donald Trump.  Several hundreds of people demonstrated in Barcelona too chanting against police brutality,  but also paying homage to George Floyd by observing silence. (Report by Euronews  )

BLM Protest in Rome      

BLM protests in Italy

In Italy, hundreds, maybe thousands, gathered in Rome and knelt in silence for eight minutes before screaming  "George Floyd is here! No to racism"  in a protest organised by multiple organisations on Sunday. Protests also took place in Genoa and Naples. (Reported by Euronews  )

In Conclusion,

I have no doubt that the majority of those people attending BLM protests across Europe, Ireland, the UK and the US.   Did so with the best of intentions.  I would also say that they attended in the hope of changing what they perceive as a broken and unjust system.

However, as I have stated before there are those hiding in the shadows of the BLM protests,  just awaiting their opportunity to cause absolute chaos.

Most of the arrests witnessed in the UK, were the result of direct clashes between what have been called Right Wing counter protestors (RWCP) and ANTIFA.

The RWCP claimed to be there to protect statues from being destroyed, as was the case earlier in that week in the UK, when even the British Bulldog himself,  Winston Churchill (or rather his statue)  came under direct threat of being destroyed and authorities had to actually erect a hoarding type box around the statue to protect it from criminal elements.

In most parts of Europe however,  ANTIFA didn’t have the excuse of defending themselves against RWCP.   Yet Police in several European countries had to contend with violence against Police, damage to property and looting.

Look I have no issues with peaceful protest!,  infact I consider it a basic right of most Europeans.  However, when a protest becomes violent,  property is damaged or our Police forces are placed in direct conflict / danger. Then in my humble opinion that right of Protest should have immediate restrictions placed upon it.  For example, further protests by ANY offending group or body of people should be banned from taking place in the future,  or at the very least restricted.  As an example, an XYZ group protest becomes violent. The consequence is that the group / body of people are banned from assembly for a period of say 3 month or are restricted to a set number in attendance at the next protest.

At the very least,  such restrictions might force leaders to self police their membership.  Hopefully, eventually leading to the weeding out of trouble makers likely to cause voilence, damage and get them banned.

Then again that’s just an opinion.


Letters : Exclusion Zones - Dont Criminalize helping people

Letters : Exclusion Zones - Dont Criminalize helping people

Imagine your a homeless person , its night and your on your way to a homeless shelter , your life is really in crisis and your wondering how to ever get out of it. As you approach the homeless shelter you notice a small group of people outside holding


E U N DOGMA ( Event 201-2030-2040 Plans ) are forcing
on Ethnic Civilized Nations AGAINST THEIR COLLECTIVE
WILL. ANTIFA IS FACIST,all governments know this but gave The Green Light and use of Police Force to FURTHER
THE GLOBALIST AGENDA.Just like all of us now blm will
be used too.Main Stream Media Globally are involved and
Promote everything except TRUTH AND DISCUSSION. The SAD IRONY in all of this is that we have to use social
media platforms to get THE TRUTH OUT and they will try
to suppress this also BY BANNING FREE SPEECH. So,the
indoctrinated public under msm calls everything CRAZY ??
 Yes, if only life was so simple,but if you are being treated as
SIMPLE.....YOU BECOME A thank you !  
Hi Ivaus, & thank you!

Your comment " NO LIFE MATTERS TO THE Globalist" is the single most intelligent statement I have read for quite a long time. It perfectly summs up what is actually the motive of those driving this vehicle of race madness!. You my friend, are 100 % correct. Those behind BLM & ANTIFA decided that the way forward was to divide the races, thus creating a situation were the masses are fighting among themselves!.
In the '70's & 80's our ruling classes used CLASS to divide the people, Thatcher saw to it that the middle class were so drowned in debt, that they & the working class became one.

Now, they do it with race, but people are frankly too stupid to see what YOU see!.

Spare a thought for the 89 Police officers killed in line-of-duty incidents in the USA in 2019 . Not one person protested for their Life .

Of course black lives matter but so do White lives matter and ALL LIVES MATTER , its doesn't matter if your black or white

There is NO institutional racism .its a MYTH. Millions of Black citizens have Good Jobs ,Work hard , Some are Business Owners , others are Doctors , Surgeons , professionals
Latest News from CHAZ / CHOP.

The latest is that in the past 48 hours 1 man believed shot dead and at least 1 other wounded. Police REFUSED entry to retrieve the wounded & to investigate the incident by Armed men at the blockades!.
Hi Bull, & Thank you.

You are one of a few I find myself in agreement with most times. Indeed, there were no protests for slain Officers, as you state.

Also, here in Ireland there were No protests about lack of PPE in our hospitals, No protests when our Elderly were left to die of Covid-19 in care homes! AND shamefully NO protests when that Detective Garda was murdered.

Your Comment
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Letters : Exclusion Zones - Dont Criminalize helping people

Letters : Exclusion Zones - Dont Criminalize helping people

Imagine your a homeless person , its night and your on your way to a homeless shelter , your life is really in crisis and your wondering how to ever get out of it. As you approach the homeless shelter you notice a small group of people outside holding
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Soldier slams identity politics within defence forces

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Auckland - Two people still in intensive care following Terrorist attack by refugee

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London : Pro Life resurgence amid soaring abortion rates

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Sacramento : Teacher who boasted about turning pupils into communist revolutionaries faces imminent dismissal

Sacramento : Teacher who boasted about turning pupils into communist revolutionaries faces imminent dismissal

A civics teacher in Sacramento California who boasted about turning his pupils into communist revolutionaries within 180 days and awarding them curriculum points for taking part in left wing protests is facing imminent dismissal after a backlash from parents and school authorities alike . Teacher Gabriel Gipe of Inderkum High

Ivaus ☘

Oct 18 , 1:16 am

Ivaus ☘

Oct 17 , 2:55 am
IRELAND 2021- a failed Masonic State that condones ABORTION-euTHANASIA-unAPARTHEID-whoGENOCIDE-child EXPLOITATION for a GLOBALIST ELITE AGENDA-Innocent victims of persecution in their rally for FAITH,FREEDOM,PERSONAL INTEGRITY... When cowards hide behind an abuse of power,be it,courts,civil service, fact ANYONE OR ANYBODY with contact to A CITIZEN...remember do not have any POWER in thinking you decide MY FATE,MY LIFE,MY DEATH,you've made it personal now.


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